Twisted Tale Endings: Goldilocks by Renee Lishka



“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed and there she is!”

Baby Bear points to Goldilocks as his mom and dad gather around her, staring. Goldilocks slowly opens her eyes until she realizes three bears are standing over her.  She cries out!

“Who are you?”

“The people who live here!” Said Baby Bear with an attitude. “Who are you?  And why did you eat my food and break my chair?”

“I’m Goldilocks!  I was walking through the woods and I got tired and hungry.”

“So you trespass onto people’s property?” Said Papa Bear.

“I know, it looks bad, but what else was I supposed to do?”

“Well, next time you could prepare for your walk in the woods.” Chimed in Mama Bear.

“How’s that?”

“By bringing an adult with you for one,” Grumbled Papa Bear.

“And packing a lunch.” Added Mama Bear.

“Yeah, and bringing something to sleep on in case you get tired!” Pouts Baby Bear.

Goldilocks looks dumbfounded.

“I suppose I could’ve done that.”

“Now you owe us money for the damage you caused.”

“I what?”

“I didn’t break Baby Bear’s chair.” Papa Bear grumbles again.  “Either take it home and have it fixed or have your father pay us the money.”

“But he’ll skin me alive if he found out what I did!” She cried.

“Well that should teach you a lesson not to disrespect someone’s property!” Mama Bear says firmly.

Goldilocks looks glum.

“Okay, I’ll have it fixed.”


After telling her father what happened, and receiving her punishment, Goldilocks made her promise to fix Baby Bear’s chair.  In addition, her mother even made jars of porridge with berries picked from the forest, as well as other sweet treats.  Goldilocks, her mother and father walk with Goldilocks back to the Bear’s house to give them the chair and treats.

“It was awful nice of you to do all this for us,” Said Mama Bear.

“It’s our pleasure,” Said Goldilocks’ mohter.  “And we are so sorry that Goldilocks caused so much trouble. I hope you can forgive her.  She can be such a foolish child.”

“Of course,” Mama Bear smiles. “In fact, why don’t you all come in and have some porridge with us.”

Goldilocks and her family all agree and the two families shared a lovely morning together.


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