ABC’s of Life

The ABCs of Life

by Renee Lishka

Apparently I’m misunderstood
Because everyone says I shouldn’t when I know I should
Create a world for myself
Dream the dreams that can come true
Every day I’ll try something new
Forget what everyone else will say
Give myself sometime to play
Have a little fun but work hard too
Imagine I’ll meet a man named Lou
Just go with my heart without much fear
Know that the light in the tunnel is near
Love myself for who I truly am
Make time for the things I love
Never mind whether or not I will rise above
Overcome the fears and doubts
Pay no attention to what doesn’t come out
Quit trying to impress those who don’t care
Remember who you are and share
Succeed in what you know
Try things that will help you grow
Undo the negative thoughts in your head
Verify the things you’re good at instead
Whenever you are sad and life is hard to bare
X-ray yourself
You’ll find your heart is still there
Zip it up tight and you’ll be fine


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