Mommy’s Angel

This is for all the mommies who have unborn angels in heaven.

Mommy’s Angels
by Renee Lishka

Mommy was happy knowing you would come
Mommy told daddy that there would be another one
Mommy told sister she’d be your guiding light
Mommy told grand ma she’d have another babe to hold tight
You were mommy’s love
You were mommy’s Angel

Mommy did everything she could to keep you safe
Mommy did what the doctor said to save your health
Mommy stayed off her feet so daddy had no worries
Mommy offered hugs to sister and read her bedtime stories
Mommy couldn’t wait to for you to join the family
You were mommy’s love
You were mommy’s Angel

Mommy’s angel couldn’t wait to leave this Earth
For Heaven is where I gave you birth
However incomplete you were inside of me
You were ready to make that trip without me
With your great-grand parents waiting to meet you first
My heart breaking was the pain that felt worse

You’re always here with us whenever we go for a ride
I think of you often whenever I hear a baby cry
I know that you’re safe and watching me from God’s angle
Just always know that
You were mommy’s angel


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