By Renee Lishka

Inspired by French photographer Robert Doisneau.


Photograph by Robert Doisneau.

Clasped against the surface of a cobblestone bed
The finger tips urge to spill a secret harbored inside my head.
Baguets and cigarettes welcome me home
To a country so foreign but so well known.

The heart trembles with desire
Of stories untold
My knees shake relentlessly
Through the shaded eyes I hold
A secret inside that should never be free
Comes while you’re here
Sitting with me.

The French Canal could carry me home
Under stars and lyrics
From faces well-known.
Hemingway, Kelley and Porter will care,
A secret that only Paris can share.
Its warmth, its romance and its poetic passionate desire
Its canal or its channels could put out the fire.

Paris sizzles with glimmer and light
A towering Eiffle gleams and shines bright.
Yet this spot where I sit and ponder away,
Inspired by the ache and longing to stay.


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