McKinley Way

By Renee Lishka

Only one shade of pink,
reaching high and wide
as it sits on arms of coal.
The bark grumbles against
the heavy metal,
exhaust seeps into the pink flesh.12238352_10153922038901807_775366203708122691_o

Grass lay still
while tiny feet trample
its slender bend.
The blades hold tight
to the sun that burns,
as the spray of cool hits the green.

Tar rolls against
the blackened road,
that sets a divide
to the world beyond the pink clouds.
The road burdened with commute,
and pedestrian alibis.

Wheels keep turning,
they have a place to go,
with the desire to leave
the cherry blossom behind.
Lost on the road
that takes you beyond,
never forget the road
that carries you home.

Painting by Renee Lishka


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