Waterfront Way By Renee Lishka

The arousing sea
sings out a lullaby.
A lullaby that wills me home.
Its flesh stir my senses
brewing a longing for the shore.
The broken glass,
the chipped rocks
of sand and gravel
create a small beach paradise.

The path stretches and winds,
parallel to sailing clouds of the sea.
The clouds that race against the blue,
as feet tap the concrete,
and paws step on the soft grass.
The soft sea breeze,
the flesh of the air
intoxicate with the longing of the sea.
This longing for the shore is everlasting.

Diamonds shimmer in the night,
reflecting off the glossy sea
that sometimes bends and breaks.
Laughter stirs and breaks
the stretching path.
Alluring smells,
the onion fragrance,
the fried temptress,
leaves a desire for fulfillment.

Elastic string ties up skin,
rays seep into the sounds
of summer.
Hot dog stands,
punk rock bands,
conquer the desire
for the lulling sea.
One day in the summer,
follows a long and stretching path
that leads me to this home.


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