Twisted Fairy Tale Endings: Snow White

The Lounge

Snow White and the Queen

By Renee Lishka

There’s a knock at the door. Snow White peeks from behind the curtain and sees an ugly old woman at the door. The woman has in her hand a basket of apples. She stops all her chores and heads for the dwarves bereau drawers upstairs. She remembered seeing Crabby stash a sharp dagger in his sock drawer. With much hope, perhaps he had forgotten to take it with him to the mining caves.

She hears another knock at the door downstairs.

“Hello!” She hears the old woman cackle.

“Shit!” Snow White grumbles to herself.

She pulls open the sock drawer and digs around for the dagger. She was in luck! Crabby, the not-so-happy dwarf, had left it. She quickly grabs the dagger and straps it around her waist and heads back down the stairs.

“What do you want?” Snow White shouts to the old lady.

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