Part 2: From Circus to Camp


I don’t remember much after the air raid by the Japanese. Before the Japanese commander pulled me away from the wreckage of the hospital, another Japanese soldier hit me with the back of his revolver.I woke up to a violent jolt as I rolled onto a hard surface. I pried my painful eyes open to see two rows of feet before me, one on each side of me. I lift my head to see some of my patients battered and bruised.

We were grouped in the back of an armored vehicle it seemed, the truck ran through rough terrain as it jerked everyone from side to side, nearly knocking me to the floor once again. I was yanked up by the arm, and choppy English sentences bellowed at me.

“Sit down!”

A soldier shoved me to an empty spot next to another captive as I landed hard on my rear end. The captive I ended up sitting next to was a young girl. She had to have been between the ages of 9 and 11. I had not recognized her at first, but she was from the village nearby. She had come to the hospital to ask for a tonic that would help her father’s goat. She had a bandage wrapped around her head, and I could tell she suffered blunt force trauma that hadn’t stopped bleeding.

“Your bandage needs to be changed,” I said, turning her head to observe the injury closer.

As I ripped another piece of fabric from my shirt, the Japanese soldier aimed the gun at me.

“I need to help her! Her injury will only get infected if she doesn’t change her bandage.”

“Leave it be!” He commanded.

I sat back in my seat, feeling helpless. I had to help this girl, but how?

Suddenly the vehicle stopped. Outside the canopy of the truck I heard the driver make an exchange with what sounded like a guard. The truck moved slowly and came to a sudden halt. The soldier inside the back with us yelled at all of us to get out of the truck. He separated the men from the women, and the children from the adults.

After the girl had gotten out of the vehicle, the soldier hit her over the head with the gun once again. I couldn’t help but lunge at him, but another soldier hit me on the back of the head and I blacked out once again.


Decision via photopin (license)


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