Warm Body


When I looked at you, looking at me
I think of all the happiness you could bring.

All the love and the light that we could share
A kind of connection that doesn’t come from anywhere.

We’ll share in the joy and the laughter through tears
You’ll comfort me in the pain of the rotten years.

Your amazing smile and all your charm
Convinced me that you could do no harm.

Your touch, your kiss, your body pressed to mine
Filled with the heat and desire of love so easy to define.

And through that heat of passion, that I clung onto so tight
Suddenly turned cold, and weaned from the fight.

Your touch, your kiss, and a love so bold,
In an instant became just a warm body to hold.

That lust that once filled your body with desire,
Is now lain in bed with me, no longer on fire.

The sapphire longing that was once so sacred and so pure,
Transformed to a heart of stone, and so much pain to endure.

photo credit: daofgg BODYSERIES_1 via photopin (license)


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